Managing Plant varieties has never been easier

What is Mercado?

Mercado helps you structure and order all your information, regardless of the sources, and present it in a clear distinctive way. Generate impressive overviews that are easily adjustable, adaptable and accurate. The Business Intelligence Cube helps you monitor trends in your markets with smart organized spreadsheets.

  • Showcase plant varieties
  • One location for all data
  • Flexible to use
  • Market Intelligence analysis
  • State of the art cloud technology
  • Variety trailing
  • “Our proposition to growers is to offer them ample opportunities to stand out by offering excellent genetics and marketing support. Mercado enables us to provide accurate up to date and extensive information about Anthura varieties. Our product managers will be able to further streamline the introduction of new varieties and facilitate the exchange of high quality data with supply chain partners.”

    Marco van Herk
    Marco van Herk Commercial director - Anthura
  • Manage plant varieties software
  • Varierty software management markets

Variety file

Showcase your varieties in an appealing website. You are able to create different views for different users to appeal to for example sales people, growers or breeders.

  • Appealing website for your varieties
  • Manage who can see what
  • Store all information in 1 location

Market Intelligence

For any business knowing what happens in the market is game-breaking information. Knowing what moves your competitor or what developments are taking place in market segments determine your actions. Mercado helps you stay up to date with the current trends and developments. Analyze your business potential by keeping track of your market segment and the competitors in your segment. So stop seeing what you want to see and build new processes from relevant and telling data with the Mercado Market Intelligence module.

  • Improve sales forecast
  • Focus innovation with actual figures
  • Segment and analyse your market
  • Market registration software for varieties

Expert consultants

We help you realize your business case with experienced consultants that know both plant variety management as well as IT. Together we help you improve results by aligning development with marketing.

  • Specialists in product management
  • We help you manage implementation
  • Build awareness and support within your organization


Tablet or smartphone offline registration data entry


The Variety Trial Module is a powerful tool that helps breeders access, monitor and rate their performances in the (pre)commercial trials. Whether you have sales reps, product managers or growers, everyone is able to add observations both online as well as offline using an app. Tracking trials becomes a walk in the park since you able to monitor your trials per region, market segment or variety. Score the trials with the traits you define and support your findings with photos.

  • Connect pictures to observations
  • Flexible set up
  • Offline observations