Manage your plant varieties

Mercado helps you position your plant varieties. One central solution to forecast, analyse and showcase your products

Not just a marketing tool…

Together, we define what your needs are. We believe we can make a difference by helping you with experts that have extensive experience in developing and selling plant varieties.

Observe offline and online plant varieties

Forecast sales

Collect market information in 1 central system. Keep improving your forecast by having information to reflect on.

Align R&D with marketing

Ever wonder how you are going to sell the varieties that R&D delivers? We help you align R&D and Marketing by having 1 single source of truth in information.

Offline variety trialing

Encourage any person to enter observations on varieties! Whenever, wherever. The flexible app allows users to enter data using a smartphone or tablet.

Showcase varieties

Variety File showcases all information on your varieties in an appealing website. Create different views for sales, R&D and customers.

Steps we always take in all projects

  • Analyzing

    How can we help you? What is your greatest challenge? We believe defining your challenge perfectly is a big part of the solution.

  • Brainstorming

    Our experienced consultants will talk to key resources in your company to come up with the best approach to realize your business case.

  • Execution

    Introducing a new solution is change management. Our consultants have done this over and over. They will assist you in realizing your goals.

  • Refining

    Once set up, after some time, new ideas hopefully pop up. Are you still achieving the set goals? Can we tackle new challenges?

The product management solution for the plant industry

Manage plant varieties